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the spirit of oya

As a member of OYA, try to absorb the Spirit of OYA and apply it to everything you do. 

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Keep your LIFE GOALS in front of you at every moment – this will help you to keep going, even when the going is tough. Work WITH your teachers and facilitators to ensure everybody enjoys and learns the maximum in every activity.

CULTURAL CONFIDENCE: Be PROUD to be an African – proud of yourself and your fellow-Africans, proud of your history and culture, proud to speak confidently about yourself and where you come from.


          In Yoruba ‘O ya!’ means ‘Come on, hurry up, let’s do it!’

As a Young African in London, you need to be the best that you can be. There is no time to waste!

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT: Treat everybody in OYA with RESPECT and KINDNESS – teachers, staff, your peers, younger and/or more vulnerable students. Set an example of decent, caring behaviour. Show the wider world what the African community spirit means.

"When I was in OYA I was surrounded by people who were black and successful and that's all I needed to pursue my dreams. It taught me that my identity was a source of strength not shame and that I was every bit as capable of competing with those around me!"

Mahdi, Old Student

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